Why support the Budleigh Music Festival?

Why support the Budleigh Music Festival?

Budleigh Music Festival relies on the enthusiasm and generosity of our Benefactors and Festival Friends. We are extremely grateful for this invaluable support which gives us the financial stability to plan ahead, and to weather difficult years like 2020.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated money to keep the Festival alive and thriving.

Music festivals are joyous events – but expensive! Typically, eight days of lunchtime and evening music costs around £50,000. And in 2021 we will have additional expenses in order to comply with COVID-19 constraints.
There are several ways you can support the Festival:

• Make a donation
• Sponsor an event
• Remember BMF in your Will

Make a donation
Benefactor donations help us to meet our costs, which include performer fees and accommodation expenses, venue and piano hire, cameras and screens, advertising, I.T. and printing costs. We are largely self-funding, our income coming from ticket sales and donations, with a small amount of grant income. The Festival is run by an enthusiastic team of volunteers and costs are kept to a minimum, so we welcome any donation, however small.

Make a donation here

Sponsor an event

Become a part of the Festival through direct sponsorship and help make music happen! Is there an area of our work you would especially like to support? For example, you could have a “named” concert, maybe in memory of a loved one…share the cost with friends…meet the performers…sit in on a rehearsal…?

Here are some sponsorship ideas…

• Lunchtime concert by a young, local musician (£300 – £500)
• Music Masterclass for schoolchildren with a nationally renowned Festival musician (£800)
• Festival banners, displays, signs, branded products (£50 – £1,000)
• Hire of the piano for the Festival (£2,000)
• Music education projects in schools (£3,000)
• Evening concert by national/international performer (£3,000 – £5,000+)
• Sponsor a prize for a music competition!
• Contribute to our work supporting children and young people

Any financial contribution will be publicly acknowledged or anonymous, whichever you prefer.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss options first – we are always open to new ideas so please share your thoughts with us!

Sponsor an event here

Remember BMF in your Will

If you have enjoyed being a part of our Festival over the years, you might like to consider helping us through a legacy or gift. Any bequest, however large or small, will be much appreciated.
Your legacy or gift needs to be specified in your Will, but this can be simply as a Codicil to an existing Will. Take advice from a solicitor, professional Will writer, or a high street bank, as they can advise you on wording and any tax benefits associated with your gift.

There are 3 main ways to leave a gift in your Will:
• Residuary legacy – a share of your estate, e.g. one quarter of your residuary estate, either before or after other bequests have been met
• Pecuniary legacy – a specific sum, e.g. £100
• Gift of a specific object or item – e.g. an instrument or a holding of shares

Your gift will make a big difference!

Like to know more? Just contact us…
or 01395 445 588

Help us to bring musical excellence to Budleigh!